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Today, Public Relations specialist, Anika Wise has announced she will be opening her own firm in Chicago.  Anika has worked in the industry for just a short 9 months since graduating from college.  She attended Drake University where she received her bachelor’s in Public Relations and Digital media production, with minors in German and Leadership.  Miss Wise Is also an alumnus of Drake’s chapter of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Anika’s choice to start her own firm almost immediately after receiving her degree is a plan she has envisioned since high school.  Most recently, she worked as the public relations director for the fast-food giant Chick-fil-A, which has over 2,909 locations nationwide.  Before that, she had internships in public relations departments at Vogue and InStyle Magazines.

“I think I speak for everyone at Chick-fil-A, myself included when I say Anika will be dearly missed.  Her high level of emotional intelligence and communication skills make her an asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her.  Not to mention, she relies on her strong intuition to keep her grounded which is vital to handling any crisis situation.  My time working and communicating with Anika has been a pleasure and she leads with the utmost level of class and professionalism.” It is with a very heavy heart that I wish Anika every happiness and success as she embarks upon becoming CEO of her own firm.”, said CEO of Chick-Fil-A, Andrew Truett Cathy.

Anika knows she alone is not a PR firm make.  So, she is looking to start hiring employees within the next coming weeks.  Wise has announced she is looking to hire specialists in the fields of graphic design,  financial consultation, data analytics, and other public relations and media specialists as well.

Before Miss Wise set out for these new hires, her first priority was securing one alliance, in particular, Marra Catherine.  Marra and Anika’s friendship goes all the way back to their Freshman year of college, where they met through their sororities. Although Anika will be the CEO she knew starting this firm would be an uphill battle she should not make it alone.  So who better to climb alongside than her friend whom she trusts and respects, who also has a public relations degree.

“Anika is one of the most headstrong and fearless women I know.  If anybody can start their own public relations firm and succeed, it’s her.  When she first asked if I would be interested in an executive position at her firm I did not hesitate to accept the offer.  Other friends of mine I would never even consider having as an employer, but Anika is a leader who prides herself of self-improvement.  She takes time to reflect on her actions, and self-reflect to ensure she is being the best version of herself.  Anika also knows her strengths and limits and is not afraid to delegate for the benefit of any form of collaboration.  That’s why she asked to hire me in the first place, I will be the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the firm.”, said Anika’s dear friend Marra Catherine.

Miss Wise’s passion for public relations stems from her love of communication.  “There is nothing I love more than helping other people tell their stories.  I am looking forward to arranging and working alongside a team to do just that,” said Anika Wise in her interview.

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