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Monday Nov 28th

Congress Looks to Intervene in Rail Dispute as Strike Deadline Looms

New York Times story on president Biden’s urging of the house and senate to legislate a labor agreement that compromises on the needs of the rail industry, and the demands made by the rail laborers in the workers union.  The rail workers plan to unionize and go on strike in early December if so the deadline to pass this bill is upon us.  Not only are the Holidays coming up this month, but with our supply chains in the detrimental state they currently are, after Covid disrupted global shipping timelines, without this bill the American economy will be destitute. 

Tuesday November 29th

Virginia Walmart mass shooting survivor files $50M lawsuit

AP News story concerning a lawsuit by a Walmart employee, who survived the mass shooting  last week in a Virginia Walmart.  One of many instances where a first hand survivor and or the surviving friends and families of a victim of gun violence, advocate for compensation for the various forms of trauma they endure as a result of the as gun violence in our country continues to rise.  

Wednesday Nov 30th

Senate passes bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriage in landmark vote

CNN news story on how the bill to protect same-sex and interracial mariage was passed this morning in the senate.  The Respect for Marriage Act is the ultimate goal Biden and his team have been working toward, after Roe V. Wade was overturned back in June.  This is one of the many steps Biden’s administration has been taking to ensure that minority American citizen’s fundamental rights are, and remain protected.  This push was jump started after seeing how Donald Trump and his administration shifted the scales of nearly all three branches in our democracy.

Thursday Dec 1st

Ukraine war: Kyiv displays dummy nuclear-capable missile fired by Russia

BBC news story regarding Russia’s showboating of their military strength to its citizens since their invasion of Ukraine.  This is an attempt by Putin to keep their country’s morale strong, as they have lost over 80,000 soldiers since they first invaded Ukraine, without cause; reason; or logical motive back in June. 

Friday December 2nd

Twitter’s former safety chief warns Musk is moving fast and “breaking things” 

NPR news story regarding Elon Musk, and his new CEO position of Twitter, the American social media giant.  This is one of the many news stories about what first hand witnesses to the company’s buyout and the several bold and or controversial decisions Musk has and is making.  Especially because he became famous for founding the Tesla car company, and inventing the first self-driving car.

Saturday December 3rd

Where did mpox go? Here’s what brought down cases of disease formerly known as monkeypox.

USA Today news story about the Monkeypox outbreak, healthcare workers were originally worried about becoming another global health crisis, when there had been a few cases identified in the United States this past May.  The Biden administration and CDC were swift to address the American public then, and this story is one of the many which are aimed to keep the public informed about disease outbreaks, since the Coronavirus Global Pandemic struck in 2020.

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