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My results were that I am estimated to be in the 98th percentile for emotional intelligence.  I am not surprised by my high results, asI have been going to therapy since fifth grade, so monitoring and managing my emotions has been a priority for me since I can remember, and a skill I have worked hard to hone and cultivate with age.  

My Ego Maturity was measured at the 78th percentile.  Although I have a very high and very stable self esteem, You treat yourself with love and respect, and expect others to do the same.”, I need to become more confident in my assertiveness when needed.  I think the inner people pleaser in me often wants to avoid confrontation at all costs, but confrontation and disagreement is what allows us to all be our own people with our own unique thoughts and what I have found over the years is that the strongest relationships in your life will love your differences and often even respect you because you’re more than the wool of the sheep.

My Emotional Management score was in the 94th percentile. I possess “…outstanding self-control. You are able to self-monitor your thoughts and feelings, and regulate or adjust your behavior in response.”  Perseverance is my favorite trait about myself because as the self assessment confirms,, “You are quite resilient. You can pick yourself up after experiencing a setback, perhaps more quickly than most others.”  I work hard to let go of stressors out of my control and focus on ones that I can.  So hearing, “You deal with stress exceptionally well – your coping skills are well-developed.”, from my assessment results was extremely validating and rewarding.  As someone who has struggled with anxiety, ADHD, and depression since the age of 9, I have worked tirelessly for a positive growth mindset.  Which is probably why my results also said, “You are highly self-motivated. You are able to encourage and motivate yourself to try hard and do your best.”   I think that my ability to be, “.. fully open to learning new things..” making me ”…much less likely to be at risk for stagnation. As the world continues to progress, you will be “in the loop”, Is partially what has driven me toward occupational fields with constant innovation such as Public Relations and Digital Media Production.  Nothing is more rewarding to me than growth and achievement so I am confident that these fields will keep me intellectually and personally stimulated throughout my career journey.  

Overall I am very pleased with my emotional intelligence results.  However, I think that my confidence in assertion needs improvement and I will be better for it.  I will look for opportunities to deny my inner people pleaser, and put myself in the less comfortable position of productive conflict.

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