CEO: Anika Wise

Growing Up

She grew up in West Bend; a little town in Wisconsin just north of Milwaukee. It was there that she found her love of singing and performing in choir classes and school musicals. She attended West Bend East High School where she played on the varsity tennis team, played powderpuff, and was apart of various musicals and plays. Once COVID-19 caused all classes to resume virtually, Anika began to spend more time behind the scenes of various productions. Her senior year she was the head makeup artist for both Shrek the Musical and Seusical. That same year Anika was selected to be in the district’s Digital Media Production Capstone course, which consisted of a select 5 individuals including her. She was tasked with creating content for various non-profits in her community and for any schools in the district. It was in that course that she discovered her zeal for film, photography and editing on different Adobe applications. She was even awarded Second place at a statewide competition for digital media production through the school’s Skills USA chapter. Pursuing these interests ammounted to over 300 hours of community service by the time she graduated with honors in the Spring of 2022.

Leaving Home

Although Wisconsin was a great place to grow up and Anika had a very happy childhood, as I got older I felt the need to break away and build a future elsewhere. So I applied to 8 colleges all over the country, not one was in my home state. When I toured Drake University I fell in love with the campus community, the amazing staff and just the overall welcoming environment that appeared to genuinely care about their students and their success. When I told people I had committed to Drake, however, many of them looked at me sideways, and instead of congratulations responded with questions like: “Why would you go out of state?” “Why would you want to be so far away from home?” “Why not a UW school? etc… The hometown skeptics never stopped me from pursuing my dreams, even if that meant going against the grain.

“I have absolutely loved my time here at Drake. I Have made so many friends and memories along the way, especially within my social sorority I joined. I am proud to call myself a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gamma Theta Chapter here at Drake. I am very proud of myself for going away to a school that is best for me and my future!”

– Anika Wise

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